Welcome to my Site!

Cartoon image of Max Antonucci

Hey there, I’m Max Antonucci, a front-end developer living and working in New Haven, CT. I studied journalism in school for a love of writing. I switched to front-end development halfway through for a similar love of coding. I keep breathing because of my love of oxygen.

I’m currently working at SeeClickFix, an app for helping citizens work with local officials to fix their communities (most of which is fixing potholes). My main focus is the front-end so sites can looks prettier and be easier to use. I’m also building on my JavaScript knowledge with Node and React. After are my plans for world domination, but one stack at a time.

I’m a curious freethinker and passionate puzzle-solver. However I have a serious daydreaming habit and don’t have telekinetic powers. No one is perfect, after all.

You can read more about who I claim to be online, more of my work background, or check out my blog for any excess thoughts I’ve stored for safe-keeping.