Max Antonucci

I code, write, design, analyze, often breathe, always philosophize.
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About me

I studied journalism in school for a love of writing. I switched to front-end development halfway through for a similar love of coding. I keep breathing because of my love of oxygen. I’m a curious freethinker and passionate puzzle-solver. However I have a serious daydreaming habit and don’t have telekinetic powers. No one is perfect.

You can read more about me, see my resume, or scroll through my portfolio.

From My Blog

Learning in Chunks

Sep 6, 2016

The best starting point for learning more code isn't one long book, but lots of small pieces of code.

A Personal Site Refactor

Aug 20, 2016

Site refactors fix plenty, and my site was overdue for one. But with luck, I'll make less in the future.