Plately - v 3.0.0

Plately is a starting template I use for front-end web development projects. It uses Gulp so I can quickly start coding with Nunjucks, Sass, Javascript, JSON, and image sprites.


This project has a few basic global dependencies to make it.

Folder Structure

Folders that are already there:

Folders that are created:

These are created with the commands in the "How to Set Up" section below.

Bower Dependencies

How to Set Up

There are several terminal commands to get all the needed dependencies installed and ready to view.

npm install
bower install
gulp lint

Creating the App and Dist projects

Plately is set up so Gulp build the project into the app folder. To have it go into the dist folder with optimized assets, change the prod variable on line 23 on gulpfile.js to false before running the gulp command again. Simply change it back to true to go back to the app folder.