January 28, 2018

How to Refactor an Anime Newsletter

A new goal I’m setting for myself is writing at least two coding posts every months, so I’m kicking it off with this one. A while back I wrote about programming an automatic newsletter of anime wallpapers using Node and the Twitter API. I’ve been refactoring it as part of my ongoing JavaScript studying, and thought writing about the refactor would be a good follow-up post.

I may do more tutorials like this in the future. Writing about my thought process for projects is informative and easy. Informative since it guides others to write similar programs, and easy since who doesn’t like writing about their own thoughts?

Who knows, I may make posts about this one program a regular series. I can see some future titles now…

  • How to Launch an Anime Newsletter, for letting others sign up for it
  • How to Query an Anime Newsletter, for saving wallpapers to a MongoDB database
  • How to Destroy an Anime Newsletter, where I make a paper house from printouts of the files and light them on fire and become an online celebrity

One thing I can say for sure is future coding posts will keep focusing on JavaScript, Node and otherwise. I’ll likely be pulled into the React storm soon enough too…