July 01, 2017

New Laptop Stickers!

What time of the year is it? New laptop stickers!

This is one developer cliche I embrace with pride. I love getting new stickers and putting them on my laptop, sketchbooks, notepads, boxing gloves, battering rams, and whatever else. I love them for the same reasons I love buttons - simple, fun, shares ideas, and are convenient drag-and-drop personality. Part of me sees the vanity and consumerism behind them, but that doesn’t outweigh their benefits. Namely their being a testament to the dev quirks I love.

What better way to express individuality than RedBubble stickers?

I aimed for these assorted stickers to send four total messages.

1) Front-end Dev Pride

Despite my increasing focus on back-end code like Ruby and Node/Express, front-end is still what I do best. I figured stickers to convey this would be most important. People have especially enjoyed the one on how “awesome” CSS is. One would be surprised how often text or images not fitting in containers pops up in my work. Those in the field would be less surprised and more filled with frustration bordering on murderous rage.

Those are the rare times I enjoy helping others overcome their murderous rage.

2) The JS Back-end

In my personal projects and research, the closest I’ve gotten to back-end is Node and Express. Mostly since it’s all in JavaScript, so it’s easier to wrap my head around the architecture, syntax, and other areas. I’ve dabbled around with Express apps and am excited to try more later.

Many programmers I know can’t stand this. Most hate JavaScript enough on the client-side, and the thought of it on the server-side is sickening. One literally tried to strangle me over this (not a joke).

I considered their arguments. Then I considered that I’m not using it for my actual job, and I already knew the language and could make programs with a back-end faster and more efficiently this way. Those considerations stuck with me more.

3) Ace Attorney Awesomeness

As my “About Me” page states, I’m a clear Ace Attorney fanboy. As such, whenever I see a search form on a site, I search that before anything else. It’s lead to some amusing search results, but on RedBubble I found many good stickers I couldn’t refuse.

I ordered at least three, but only one got some coveted laptop real estate. The others, which are just different stickers of Athena Cykes, are to be saved and/or admired until my world needs them most.

4) Favorite quote

Simply put, I saw one of my favorite quotes and had to include it. Not much more to say. Not much I’m allowed to say either, less I risk the wrath of a certain pair of demon overlords living under my bed.