I really do want to write more. But every time I set time to sit and work on content, whether it’s writing, drawing, or even planning, my brain dries up. The reason? My process is becoming too forced.

When your job requires being in front of a computer screen for hours already, adding even more time to work on things outside of work becomes an impossible chore. As much as I love being online, there’s a limit. Whenever I want to focus on writing something substantive, too often I’ve already hit that limit.

Computer burnout never leads to good content.

At that point, I’m forcing the content out. Forcing content dooms it all to be awkward and unenjoyable from the start.

Even with drawing a picture for a post, nothing comes out right. For one post idea I had about how frustrating one’s 20’s are, I stopped this it was too rough and bland. You can see for yourself here.

Compare this to what I draw when I’m not focused on a post: much smoother and interesting (if at tons of different angles).

I think the key is finding a more natural workflow for writing. Since I’m often already on Internet overload, it’s important to develop content while away from the screen.

That way, when it finally gets on this blog, I’ll be happy I wrote it. Something that was a joy to create, not a chore.

~ Cheers, Max A